While using ShortPoint branding and site customizations tool, you will be the only one to see the changes. We implemented it this way so you can see a live preview of your changes on your SharePoint site. We know, it's so cool :)

If any other user tries to activate ShortPoint branding tool, they will not be able to do that. They will see a message that you are currently customizing the site.

Let me tell you about the essential functionalities we have implemented for this feature.


While you are working on the branding tool, you will see a live preview of your changes on your site. You can even check your changes on another site by navigating through sites and subsites while ShortPoint tool is active.

You are the only user who will see these changes.

If you are happy with your work and want everybody to see your awesome work, hit the Publish button!

Auto Save

All your changes are automatically saved in your browser.

You will not lose your work if you close your browser or restart your machine. Just open your browser again and ShortPoint branding tool will load and will apply your latest changes.

Important: If you open another browser, you will not see your changes. Currently, we use the locale browser storage to autosave your work. We will implement more scenarios soon.


You can close ShortPoint branding tool by clicking on the X icon at the top-right corner.

If you have unpublished changes, you will see this warning:

Discard & Close

This will remove all your unpublished changes, and close ShortPoint branding tool. After this, other users will be able to activate ShortPoint branding and customization tool.


1: Reset to site defaults

This removes all your published and unpublished changes from the site. In other words, it will remove all ShortPoint customizations from the site. This action will also force ShortPoint branding tool to be closed.

You can reset to site defaults from two locations:

Location 1: Branding Panel, navigate to Utilities - Reset

Location 2: Site Settings - ShortPoint Dashboard - Site Customizations - Reset to original site settings

You can also use this option to solve unexpected issues like when ShortPoint branding tool hangs or does not close. Open the same page in a different browser, and use this option to force-clean everything.

2: Reset to last published

Similar to the previous option, Reset to last published will discard your unpublished changes and revert back to the last published changes.

Export / Import / Save as theme / Backup

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