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Auto Save, Discard, Reset and Publish your Customizations

In this article, we will talk about the essential functionalities we have implemented for ShortPoint Theme Builder making it effortless to customize your SharePoint sites.



  • You must have the latest version of ShortPoint SPFx installed on your SharePoint environment.
  • You must be a ShortPoint Designer with an active license.

Overview of Functions

Click Get Started to see an interactive overview of ShortPoint Theme Builder Features:

List of Theme Builder Functions

Real-time Preview

This function allows you to see a live preview of all the customizations you apply on your page.

User-Friendly and Collapsible Window

This function allows you to drag and move the Theme Builder anywhere on your page to better see the changes you make. It is also collapsible. Simply click anywhere on your page to minimize the window.

Closing Prompt

This function warns you about unpublished changes if you accidentally close Theme Builder using the cross icon.


This function auto-saves your work if you accidentally close your browser. To see the changes you've made again, simply open the same browser you used to open Theme Builder.                                                                                                                                                                                                 NOTE: We use the local browser storage to save your work. So, if for example, you used Google Chrome to open Theme Builder and accidentally closed it, you will only see the changes you've made if you use Google Chrome again to open your SharePoint page. If, for example, you use Firefox to open the page, you will not see your customizations.

Import / Export

This function allows you to export the customizations you've done for a SharePoint site and import them to another SharePoint site. For more information about this feature, check out Export and Import Customizations.

Locked for Customization

This function locks out other users who try to use ShortPoint Theme Builder if another user is already using it. 


This function publishes and allows other users to see the customizations you've made using ShortPoint Theme Builder. Unless you click publish, any change you make using Theme Builder will not be seen by other users.


This function allows you to revert your intranet site to SharePoint site defaults or discard unpublished customizations. It has two options:

  • Reset to last published - which allows you to default back to the last published changes.
  • Reset to site defaults - which allows you to reset all customizations. This will revert your site to its original settings.  You can also use this option to solve unexpected behavior when the Theme Builder hangs or does not close. Open the same page in a different browser, and use this option to force-clean everything.

That wraps up the list of essential functionalities in ShortPoint Theme Builder! You can now start using them on your SharePoint sites.

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