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Managing Color Settings of ShortPoint Design Elements

This article will discuss the color options available for ShortPoint Design Elements and show you how to customize them.



  • You must have the latest version of ShortPoint SPFx installed on your SharePoint environment.
  • You must be a ShortPoint Designer with an active license.

ShortPoint Color options

You can set the brand colors, named colors, custom colors, and HEX colors for the ShortPoint Design Elements.

Brand colors

Brand colors represent your company theme colors defined in the Theme Builder > Color Palette settings of the current Site Collection. You can easily distinguish these colors among others by their names: Primary, Secondary, Highlight, Alternate, etc.

brand colors


These colors will be synced with the ones set in Theme Builder and updated along with it.

Named colors

These colors suggest other popular named colors such as red, violet, orange, etc.

Named colors

Custom colors

ShortPoint has a color picker that allows you to choose custom colors. Simply click the custom color you prefer and it will automatically reflect on your design.

color picker

HEX colors

It is also possible to set the colors using the HEX color code. Simply type the HEX code of the color you prefer in the designated field.

Hex color

Note: HEX values always begin with # and specify values of red, blue, and green using hexadecimal numbers such as #1B9DD8. 

To know more about adding the hex colors, check our How to Add Hex Color Code in Page Builder tutorial.

Setting colors for Design Elements

Color settings

Depending on the Design Element you are using, it is possible to define the following color settings:

NOTE: The options listed below are only some of the most common color settings you can define. Depending on the Design Element you are using, you may see other color options.

Theme color

Theme color - the main color that is used for defining the text and background colors of the Design Elemen, if not specified otherwise in Advanced or Items tabs. By default, it is the primary color of your theme.

Background Color

Background color - the color you can customize for headers, sub-headers, and specific items background.

Text color

Text color - the color you can customize for titles, subtitles, descriptions, links, and their states (hover, visited).

Border Color

Border color - the color of the line around your Design Element

Symbol number icon color

Symbol, number, icon color - the color you can customize for symbols, numbers, and icons.

color overlay

Color overlay and Color transparency - the color you can add over a Design Element. You can easily adjust the color’s transparency using the Color transparency slider.

Shadow color

Shadow color - the color you can add behind a Text Design Element.

Dark Theme

Dark theme (available for the X and Yammer Design Elements) - allows you to enable dark theme.

Where to define the colors

Depending on the Design Element you are using, it is possible to set the color options in [1] Design or [2] Advanced tabs.

design and advanced tabs

That's it! You can now use colors to enhance the design of your SharePoint sites.

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