By default and using the connect tab, you can read data from current site content, and also from all other sites in the same site collection.

Current site: read all lists and libraries from the current site

Other sites: read all lists and libraries from all sites under the same site collection

How to read data from another site collection?

  1. Create new connection type
  2. Use SharePoint REST/OData query to read data from any list in the farm
  3. Save the new connection
  4. Consume the new connection type in the connection tab
  5. Very simple :)

Before you proceed, you have to know SharePoint REST APIs:

ShortPoint has a feature that enables you to add new connection types. Currently, it supports REST/OData queries.

STEP 1: 

Open Connection Manager

Site Settings - ShortPoint Dashboard - ShortPoint Connections

STEP 2: 

Create new connection

I want to connect with FAQ SharePoint list stored in an external site collection.

Name: FAQ


http://<domain>/<site url>/_api/lists/getbytitle('FAQ')/items?$select=Title,Answer

Press Save Changes


  • Make sure to add https of you are using SharePoint online
  • The test will not work on the connection manager page
  • getbytitle('LIST_NAME'): will point to the exact list. In our example, it will reference FAQ list
  • The left part of the query is used to select the site and site collection
  • /items: will tell the query to return list items
  • $select=Title,Answer: Will tell the query to return these two columns only. Otherwise, you will have a list of so many columns

STEP 3: 

Consume the new connection

Insert any ShortPoint, and select connection tab. You will find the new connection we just created there.

Should be easy :)

Let us know your feedback and we are happy to apply your awesome ideas.