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How to Read Data from Another Site Collection (Cross Site Collection List Query)

By default, and using the Connect tab, you can read data from current site content, and also from all other sites in the same site collection.

Current site: read all lists and libraries from the current site

Other sites: read all lists and libraries from all sites under the same site collection

How to read data from another site collection?

  1. Create new connection type
  2. Use SharePoint REST/OData query to read data from any list in the farm
  3. Save the new connection
  4. Consume the new connection type in the connection tab
  5. Very simple :)

Before you proceed, you have to know SharePoint REST APIs:

ShortPoint has a feature that enables you to add new connection types. Currently, it supports REST/OData queries.

Step 1. Open Connection Manager

Site Settings > ShortPoint Dashboard > ShortPoint Connections:

Step 2. Create new connection

I want to connect with FAQ SharePoint list stored in an external site collection.

Name: FAQ


http://<domain>/<site url>/_api/lists/getbytitle('FAQ')/items?$select=Title,Answer

Press Save Changes


  • Make sure to add https of you are using SharePoint online
  • The test will not work on the connection manager page
  • getbytitle('LIST_NAME'): will point to the exact list. In our example, it will reference FAQ list
  • The left part of the query is used to select the site and site collection
  • /items: will tell the query to return list items
  • $select=Title,Answer: Will tell the query to return these two columns only. Otherwise, you will have a list of so many columns

Step 3. Consume the new connection

Insert any ShortPoint, and select connection tab. You will find the new connection we just created there.

Should be easy :)

Let us know your feedback, and we are happy to apply your awesome ideas.

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