Before You Begin

Make sure that you have Removed the Add-In/SPFx from Site Contents


You need to be a Site Collection Administrator in order to do this step.

Step 1: Go to Site Settings

Step 2: Go to Site Collection Recycle Bin

Note: If you are on a Sub Site, you need to Go to top level site settings first


Step 3: Delete ShortPoint.Online App from the Recycle Bin ( If it Exist )

If you have removed ShortPoint.Online app from Site Contents recycle bin, then you might not find the App in this recycle bin, 

In case it is here, just delete it.

Step 4: Delete the App from Second-Stage Recycle Bin

From the same recycle bin, you will find a link at the bottom called "second-stage recycle bin", click on it.

And delete ShortPoint.Online again from this Second Stage Recycle Bin

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