Do you want to disable the visual editing features and enjoy working with ShortPoint shortcode markup? We have a solution for you now.

You can disable the display feature on the page to see the ShortPoint markup. This will help you copy and paste and move elements. Have full control over the elements and options.

1) Create the following Bookmarklets ( need to do it only once ):

In the browser, create a new bookmark, and paste the following code into the URL field of the bookmark, and name it for example ( "ShortPoint Disable Display" )




create another bookmark, name it ( "ShortPoint Enable Display" ), and paste the following code into the URL field




2) Click the Bookmarklet ( need to do it on every page that has ShortPoints ):

When a page that contains ShortPoints is opened in Edit Mode, and once you can see all ShortPoints in display mode, all you have to do is to click on the "ShortPoint Disable Display" bookmarklet you have just created, and all ShortPoints in the page will be replaced with a code that you can simply copy & paste it into other pages or locations.

To revert back to the state where display were enabled, you can click on the other bookmarklet "ShortPoint Enable Display"

This action will not affect other users at all, it is one time action on your session.

Important Notes

  • You need to enable display feature before saving the page by clicking on the "ShortPoint Enable Display" bookmarklet.
  • It is recommended to clear all formatting if you want to copy ShortPoint code from one page/area to another, to avoid breaking the ShortPoint code.