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Uninstall Step 1: ShortPoint SPFx Deactivation

The uninstallation of ShortPoint App from your SharePoint site is simple and safe. You will not lose any of your data at this stage, but the pages and themes you published will become hidden.

Step 1:

Open ShortPoint Dashboard by clicking on ShortPoint App from Site Contents

Open Site Contents


In Classic Experience, click on ShortPoint

In Modern Experience, Click on ShortPoint


Next, ShortPoint Dashboard will appear, Click on the Uninstall Tile


Step 2: 

Click Uninstall

A Confirmation Dialog will Appear, Click on Yes

Wait for few seconds, and the Deactivation process will be completed.

Question: I have used the App to design pages, what will happen if I uninstalled the App?

Simply, all ShortPoint designs will not be displayed anymore. They will remain in the page because we don't touch any of your site pages or files, and you have to remove them manually.

p.s. the added elements after uninstallation will be hidden. We are working on this and will make them visible while editing the page so you can remove them completely

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