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SharePoint List Number of Likes

I have enabled ratings on my SharePoint List.

The goal is to have users Up vote topics of interest:


I connect #LikesCount:


The results do not appear:


Any thoughts on how I get the number of Likes to appear?

Hello Justin,

It is possible to display the number of likes using REST API connection,  but unfortunately, it will be not possible to have voting directly in ShortPoint element.

We are creating the article with the detailed steps how to achieve it, I will update you here once it will be ready.

Hello Justin,

We have described the possible way on how to display like column using Rest API connection in this article:

How to Display the Number of Likes from the SharePoint List Items

I hope it will be helpful for you.

Thanks Much appreciated.  Is there a way to additionally call a view so I can sort by # of likes?


Hello Justin,

By default, SharePoint do not allow using LikesCount field in the query sort expression.

It might be possible to do the sorting in mapping function, by it might also impact the performance of your page.

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