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Thoughts on Best Image Size for a Slideshow Carousel?

I've been using a specific size for images that are posted in a Slideshow element on my company's Intranet homepage but I'm not happy with the limits I have when creating the images/graphics. I know there are new(er) settings for the Slideshow that enable me to show the full image (no cropping) but I'm having a hard time determining the best size for the image in the row/column layout on the page.

Can anyone help with some suggestions to determine the best size to use for laptops and desktops and what values I should put in the settings of the Slideshow elements (height, width, etc.)? I've been using a 16:9 ratio (1184x666) but in the layout I'm using, that doesn't seem to lend itself to not taking up tons of space (height-wise) on the page unless I allow the image to be cropped which then limits the space for content.

I've attached a screenshot of the layout of our homepage for visual purposes.

Thank you for any help anyone can provide.

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Hello Stephanie,

Thank you for your question.

I have converted it to the support ticket, and we will follow up with you on this question. 

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