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How to insert an Icons-list in a Panel

I have a page that has one section and one row.  Within the Row, there are multiple tabs.  Within each tab there is a panel, and within the panels there is an Icons-list.  I have added a new Tab and Panel, but I can't seem to add a new Icons-list within the panel.  When I insert the Icons-list, it inserts to a location that I do not want, not within the panel.  How do I get it to insert in the panel?  I have attached a screen capture to show what I am referring to.

(8.77 KB)
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Hi Wayne,

Thanks for your request. It sometimes happens that when many elements are inserted one into another, one element gets inserted outside the area where you have put the mouse cursor into. In these cases, we just ask the users to delete the misplaced element and re-do the action again. If the issue persists, you can copy the element that needs to be placed inside a panel (by pressing the ellipsis of the element and choosing "Copy") and then putting the cursor inside the Panel and pressing Ctrl+V (Command + V for Mac OS). At this point the problem should be resolved.

Please tell if that helped. If not, we might organize a remote support meeting to help you solve the problem.

Will be waiting for your reply.

Kind Regards,

Oksana Aloshyna

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