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Editing a Custom Element

I was able to create a custom element. Basically was a header with an image background with a text heading.

I was able to insert the element in a page, however I was not able to edit the text.

So you cannot edit a custom element once inserted?

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Hi Tony,

Thank you for your request.

Correct, the elements created in the ShortPoint Generator are to be reused as they were initially created, and you are not able to customize them from the page interface once they are already created.

You can modify the elements in the Generator, but in this case all the elements inserted in different locations will have the same change.

If you need a customizable reusable element that you would be able to change in different pages, the best thing to do is to copy it from the Generator inside any text editor and then put it into the pages you would like. ShortPoint will transform the code into the elements, and you will be able to edit them.

Please watch this animation I have recorded for you (might take a bit time for it to load, it's a long one):

Please tell if this helps. Will be waiting for your reply!

Kind Regards,


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