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Conditional Formatting (color) on Alerts, Info, Notes, Etc.


I was wondering how we could apply conditional formatting to the ShortPoint parts like Alerts, Info, and Notes based on a field.

For example, let's say we had a Status field with Open, In Progress, and Resolved. For Open and In Progress, I would like the ShortPoint part to have yellow colors. For Resolved, I would want the part to have green colors.

Thank you in advance. :)

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Anyone? Anything?

Anything on this yet?

Hi Grace, Joe,

Yes, it is possible to do in SharePoint and then connect the ShortPoint elements.

Please find below an example of conditional formatting using Tiles:

"First of all, you need to create two more columns for your list. The first one will store colors, the second one will store icons, but they will be based on the category column and be filled in automatically for your convenience.


Prerequisite! You need to have a Categories column, which will determine the icon and color of each item. I believe you had it in the list already, but if that's not correct, please add a Choice-type column and determine the category for each item.

 To reach that goal:

1) Please open your library, press Quick Edit and add a column (press the + icon and make sure you choose More Column Types):




2) Name your column (I called it Icons) and choose the Calculated (calculation based on other columns) type. Do not save it yet.





3) Scroll down to find the Formula field. This is the most important part. Here is an example of a formula for the Icons column:



Category is the name of your column with categories 

Meeting, Business and Holiday are the categories of items

Bell, Anchor and Building are the names of icons which you can always look up in a ShortPoint element:


You need to substitute these values for ones that you would like to use, paste the formula into the column settings and click OK.

4) In the same way, by repeating steps 1 to 4, please add another column (I named it Color) and use a similar formula:



Primary, Primary-Light and Red are colors which you can lookup in ShortPoint elements as well:


Now, after you add an item to your list and select a category for it, the Icon and Color columns will be populated automatically. 

5) In your ShortPoint Tiles element, connect the library and map the fields:


That's it! Here's what we got as a result:



Please try this solution and take a moment to get back to us and see if that helps. We would really appreciate that.

Waiting for your feedback.

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Thanks for the info.  I was actually able to accomplish this a few days ago with your same method, without icons, using the Panel ShortPoint web part to color code submitted tickets based on a "Severity" column.


Are there any plans in the future to have this ability in the Basic/Table ShortPoint web part?  For instance, to assign a background color for a row, or the text color in a row.

 Basic Table/Settings/Design/Background Color or Text Color.

Hi Joe, 

We will check the priority of this one in our Feature Request list and I will let you know. However, I don't think you can expect this feature in the closest releases.

I will update you once I have more info. Thanks!

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