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What are the differences between the types of Linking Options?

When deciding how you want to use the Link function of a ShortPoint Element you are given four Linking Options. 

- Default

- Lightbox

- New Window

- Dialog

While it is pretty obvious that Default opens the link in the same window and that New Window will open the link in an entirely new tab or window, it is less obvious what the difference between Lightbox and Dialog are. I have setup a link to a page and tried both Lightbox and Dialog for the link and get identical results. Can it be explained exactly what the difference is between the two and what the use cases would be?


I was still wondering if someone could explain the difference between Lightbox and Dialog and why one should be used over the other.


Hi Shane,

To summarize,  the Dialog linking option works very similar to Lightbox; nevertheless, Dialog will cut off the header and footer of the page wherever possible, presenting only the main page content.

You can see this in SharePoint sites mostly: the ribbon is cut off when Dialog is used; and is there when Lightbox is used.

Please check more details in this article: 

Types of Linking Options in Page Builder Elements

Hope that helps.

Kind Regards, 


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