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Launch and preview office documents on browser in SharePoint Online

I am using ShortPoint on our Sharepoint online and have used the "tiles" element to display items that are linked to office documents in the SP library. The site collection feature to "Open Documents in Client Applications by Default" is deactivated. 

But whatever linking option i select in the tile settings, the file is downloaded instead of opening in the browser. This is not the case is the file is launched directly from the library. 

Please assist.


When you connect to a document library, you will have this in the available columns:

This link will open the document in Preview mode (Office Online). If you do not want to use document library, then the link to the document should have this at the end

try to add ?Web= at the end of the column name


The linking option is set to default, change it to lightbox or dialog and the document will open in the same window in a popup.

Thank you,


Thanks very much, Anas!
Able to launch the files in the browser using the extension ?Web=1.


Fantastic :)
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