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Outline Circle Style on Tiles Element


We added Tiles ShortPoint with Icons to our home page. How can we make the Icons of the Tiles with outline circle?



Hi Sivaraj,

Outline Icon Style for Tiles is still not supported, but you can achieve this using CSS.

Here what you have to do.

Step 1: Give the Tile Custom CSS Class name
  • Edit Tiles - Custom CSS - Class 
  • The class name can be anything you like. I have used: outline-icon-tiles
  • Save

Step 2: Add Custom CSS

The following CSS code will make all Tiles that has custom CSS class name outline-icon-tiles, with outline icons.

.outline-icon-tiles .shortpoint-icon {
    border-radius: 50%;
    border: 2px solid;

.outline-icon-tiles .shortpoint-icon:before {
    font-size: 60%;

You can add this custom css to ShortPoint branding tool. Check out this article:

Awaiting your feedback.

Thank you,


Hi Support,
Works perfectly.
Sivaraj B
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