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How do I shorten my linked events list?

I learned how to connect an event list from my sharepoint site contents. However, I only want the list to show about 5 items and have the ability to scroll down.  But it ends up with 20-30 items, taking up a huge chunk of the page.  I tried many different things, was able to compress the horizontal portion of the box but it still has about 25 list items.  What am I missing.  

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We got this question many times, and its time now to explain it for everyone as well :)

You can connect any design element (ShortPoint) with any SharePoint list or library. You have to know also, that you can select the list view.

What is list view?

  • One SharePoint list can have many views.
  • Each view presents the items of the list in different view. You decide how the view display the items
  • In the view, you can control
  • What columns to show and hide
  • Apply sorting rules and filters
  • Set items limit
Calendar List called: Events
This list contains all events.
You can create the following views for the same list:
  • This week events: This view will show this week events only
  • Today's events: This view will show only upcoming daily events
  • Maintenance schedule: This view will show only upcoming events of type Maintenance
  • On support site homepage, you can add Events list and set the view to Maintenance schedule
  • On intranet homepage, you can add Events list and set the view to Today's events
Why this is awesome
  • You have one place only to manage all events. Complete control over everything.
  • Your intranet will be connected and much more easy to maintain
Step by step

Step 1: Open the Calendar
Step 2: Create New View


Then follow these simple steps:

  1. Select All Events
  2. Give the new view a name: 10 Events
  3. Select the columns you want to show/use
  4. Set whatever sorting and filters you want 
  5. In Item Limit, set the value to 10
  6. Save
Your view is saved now, and you can test it on the calendar by switching the view


Now in ShortPoint, make sure to select the view when connecting with the calendar.


Hope this will help

Can this work for files in the same list but separated by folders? Like in the main folder, I have folder A and B. But I create a view showing only everything labeled with Public. But I want to limit that list to 5.

Hello Addie,

Thank you for your question.

We would kindly ask you to check this How to show both Files and Folders of the Document Library in your ShortPoint element article. Second step of this article shows you how to limit the number of items.

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