ShortPoint Visual Builder has now become available in Beta version. The Beta version is an early version of the upcoming public Visual Builder release. It has all the major features and passed the most important checks, but is still under development.

In this article we will highlight the expectations from the Visual Builder Beta. 


Before we begin

  • This article is for you if you have to the ShortPoint SPFx Visual Builder version 8.0.x.xx or later.
  • To know more about Visual Builder, check our solution: Introducing ShortPoint Visual Builder.

Recommended browsers

  • We recommend using modern browsers (like Google Chrome) for testing the Visual Builder.
  • Please note that you cannot use Visual Builder on IE browser - it is not yet supported.

Supported platforms

  • The Beta version of Visual Builder is only supported for Office 365 (SharePoint Online)
  • In the recent future, it will become available for SharePoint 2019.

Environment recommendations

  • We recommend using a separate test environment (not a production tenancy) to check the Visual Builder Beta.
  • You may also try Visual Builder in the Sandbox Mode.

Note: Check our solution articles to know more about the ShortPoint SPFx New Upgrade for Office 365 and SharePoint 2019 and how to use the ShortPoint SPFx Sandbox Mode Feature.


Known issues and limitations

There are a couple of known issues and limitations in a new Wireframe Builder:

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