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Installation Step 3: Add ShortPoint Tab to Your Teams Channel

You are almost done with the installation! The last step is to add a ShortPoint tab to your Teams Channel. 


Before We Begin

Step 1: Open Microsoft Teams 

First, you need to open Microsoft Teams. You can either use the desktop app or open it in the web browser:

  • Desktop:

Find Microsoft Teams from the list of your desktop applications and click Open:


  • Web:

If you are using a web browser, navigate to

Step 2: Go to Teams tab

From the side panel, select Teams:


Step 3: Select a Channel where you want to add ShortPoint

From your Teams, select a channel where the ShortPoint should be added:

Select channel

Step 4: Add a tab

Click the plus button to add a tab:

Add a tab

Step 5: Select ShortPoint app

Search for ShortPoint and click its icon to add it:

Add ShortPoint

Step 6: Click Add

The information about the ShortPoint tab will open. Click Add:

click Add

Step 7: Save the tab

Click Save:


Congratulations! You have now ShortPoint SPFx installed on your Microsoft Teams! 

Next steps after you have ShortPoint Installed

Here are some tips on how to get started with ShortPoint on Microsoft Teams:

We hope you enjoy! :) 

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