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How to Get Started with ShortPoint for Microsoft Teams Template

Bring content into your Microsoft Teams tabs and present them in practical designs from ShortPoint library of Teams templates. Start designing stunning and helpful Teams tabs by following a few easy steps.



  • ShortPoint for Microsoft Teams app is installed
  • You are a ShortPoint User with an active license

Step 1: Add a ShortPoint tab

Access the team and channel you want to create a new tab in. Press the add tab plus sign, select ShortPoint from your apps list, and hit Save.

Step 2: Select to start from a template

You will be presented with three choices on what you wish to do in the tab. Pick the option to begin designing a tab using a template.

Step 3: Choose a Template

Once in the templates library, you will be able to view the different ShortPoint templates you can apply to your tab. Select the template that is closest to the design you want to achieve on your Teams tab and click Insert.

When you select a template, you will be presented with information about the ShortPoint design elements that are used and how to modify them to add your content. Click the icons under the Elements section of this page if you want to see more examples and options of the design element on our demos page.

Step 4: Customize design elements

You can now replace the sample content with your own by editing the settings in each ShortPoint design element.

Just hover over the design element you wish to edit and hit the cogwheel settings icon. The ShortPoint Page Builder window will appear.

You can add content that you want to display within the Page Builder. You can also adjust settings and modify specific features of each design element to your liking. For more information about each design element, you can visit our Knowledge Base.

Press Preview to have a look at how your content will be presented. Once you are satisfied with your changes, press Update.

Step 5: Publish new Teams tab

When you finish updating all design elements on the template and complete applying adjustments to settings where needed, switch the Preview toggle to view the result. Press the Publish button to save and publish the tab for your team to view.

You now have a beautiful Teams tab that displays important content that your colleagues can view and get information and data from.

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