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How to Get Started with ShortPoint for Microsoft Teams from Scratch

Quickly build great-looking and useful tabs with ShortPoint for Microsoft Teams. Designing your tabs to present content your team needs to communicate and collaborate better is effortless with ShortPoint Design Elements and features.

In this article, we will walk you through setting up your Teams tab from a blank canvas. You will be putting together the design elements that fit your team’s needs and goals.



  • ShortPoint for Microsoft Teams app is installed
  • You are a ShortPoint User with an active license

Step 1: Insert a ShortPoint tab

On the team and channel, you want to create a ShortPoint tab in, add a new tab by pressing the plus icon. Choose ShortPoint from the Microsoft Teams apps window and click Save.

Step 2: Select to start from scratch

Go to the Start from scratch option and click Start now.

Step 3: Choose your desired layout

By default, you will get a ShortPoint section and row in your tab. Add your preferred layout by clicking the Column icon and choosing one of the options that are available. You are free to add more sections or rows as you need them.

Step 4: Add a design element

You can now insert a design element that will hold the content you want to display on your tab. Begin by hitting the blue plus sign on the options bar to open the ShortPoint Page Builder.

Identify the best design element to use and select it from the list. You can use the search field or you can scroll down to locate the design element that you want.

In this example, we are using Slideshows:

Different design elements will require varying sets of inputs from you. You may need to enter specific information, image URLs, a value, and others. You will also be able to adjust some settings to achieve the design and response that you want for each element. For more information about each design element, you can visit our Knowledge Base.

For Slideshows, we will enter information in the Items tab. We click the plus sign to add more items to display. We can also make adjustments to the height of the image and the size of the text in the Settings tab.

Press the Preview button to check the output and once you are happy with it, click Insert to add the design element to your tab.

You will be brought back to the ShortPoint tab now with content inside your row. Continue to insert more design elements.

Step 5: Publish new Teams tab

At any point, while completing your design, you can switch the Preview toggle on to check how your tab is shaping up.

You can proceed to Publish the page when complete.

That is all that needs to be done. You now have a Teams tab that displays information that is needed to engage your team.

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