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Introducing ShortPoint for Microsoft Teams

Building the best virtual and remote experience is the top priority of most organizations today. Whether the goal is to make employees remain productive and engaged at work, to create a globally connected and aligned workforce, to provide quality instruction and learning online in universities and schools, or to keep updated with all aspects of the business or projects while on the go, various activities are carried out virtually.

Creating a successful virtual environment requires the right technology solution. Microsoft Teams offers to be the main solution for remote work, learning, and/or collaboration activities across organizations that have Office 365. 

Why ShortPoint for Microsoft Teams?

ShortPoint boasts expertise in helping organizations design, brand, and build SharePoint sites without having to do coding. Stunning intranet sites are easy to build allowing organizations to focus on meaningful and value-adding content.

We are bringing this expertise to Microsoft Teams. We work with the Teams platform to improve the way content is presented. We equip organizations and their teams with a design extension that helps create effective and engaging Teams Tabs. We help make resources and data already available within the organization’s Office 365 environment accessible and present them in a design that catches attention, practical, and value-adding.

By using ShortPoint’s intuitive and easy-to-build design elements and features, the team is able to display content that is most important and helps them focus on collaborative and productive work to achieve their deliverables and ultimately the organization’s goals.

ShortPoint for Teams: Tabs Templates

Worried about the time you need to spend to build a new tab that your team requires? We have ready-to-use ShortPoint Teams templates at your fingertips. We create these templates based on use cases we learn from our customers and we continue to build more as we move forward.

Simply choose from our library of templates or visit our demos website to view what fantastic design you can apply to your Teams tab.

ShortPoint for Teams: Design Elements

We bring our robust collection of design elements and their features to Teams. Each one can be used for different types of content you want to feature on your Teams tab. You can effortlessly highlight information that is central to your team’s success, manage changes as they occur, keep tabs on important news, and many more.

ShortPoint for Teams: Connections

We understand connections and we have seen how convenient it is to see updated content in real-time. ShortPoint allows you to pull data from internal and external locations dynamically and keep track of updates without having to visit actual sites. This is a powerful feature that makes Microsoft teams the only place people will need to access to get information about a project or topic.

ShortPoint for Microsoft Teams makes accessing content and retrieving data efficient to make your remote experience more focused on virtual interaction and collaboration and not on technical challenges.

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