Before we begin

To use the solution described in this article you need to be a ShortPoint User and have ShortPoint installed on your SharePoint sites.

By default, all the Modern Site Pages in SharePoint have this social bar at the bottom.

And a closer look:


But you can remove it with the help of Theme Builder, adding a piece of custom CSS code. So the bottom of your page will look like this:

If you would like to apply this solution, please follow the steps in this support article.

IMPORTANT: the following guidelines will disable the social bar on ALL OF YOUR MODERN SITE PAGES. 

Step 1: Open Theme Builder

  • Go to Site contents:

  • Click ShortPoint Dashboard:

  • Select Theme Builder:

  • And click Customize my site:

Step 2: Open Custom CSS in the Theme Builder

  • In the Theme Builder menu click Utilities:

  • Select Custom CSS option:

Step 3: Apply the custom CSS code

  • Copy the following CSS code:
[data-automation-id="sp-socialbar"] {
    height:0px !important;
[data-sp-feature-instance-id="_Comments"]>div:first-child {
[data-sp-feature-instance-id="_Comments"]:before { 
height:0px !important;

  • Paste it to the Custom CSS field:

  • Click Apply and then Publish:


Here is the end result you will have:

And a closer look of the page's bottom:


That's it! The social bar is now removed from all of your Modern Site Pages! 

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