Before you begin:

  1. This article is for ShortPoint Offline customers
  2. You have SharePoint 2019
  3. You have configured your CDN Site

In this step you need to contact ShortPoint (Send email to with your CDN Site (link you copied in Step 5 of Prerequisite 1: Configure CDN site on your IIS to host ShortPoint Files) link. ShortPoint will be preparing a new customized package targeting your CDN Site and will send you link to the package as reply.


  1. Incase you have multiple environments (Staging, Production, Development or any other) and you want to have multiple CDN locations, you need to send us all the CDN path which will help us to create multiple packages targeting each CDN location.
  2. Please be aware that these packages will not be same as our last public release, but they will be same as our last Offline package, as we make ShortPoint Offline release twice a year as explained here. 

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