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ShortPoint Libraries, Frameworks and Dependencies

ShortPoint is a JavaScript product, everything happens in the browser with no requirements for server-side programs.

When you activate and install ShortPoint, it dynamically injects JavaScript and CSS files to the page header using Microsoft best practices. Our files are minified, optimized, obfuscated, and compressed to the highest level.

ShortPoint depends on several 3rd party open-source libraries and they are all listed in this article.
We are using the latest public versions of these files. These are the versions available at the time of the latest ShortPoint release, unless stated otherwise. 

Frameworks used by ShortPoint



XSS filters 


JS Cookie 

Power BI Client 

Font Awesome 

Simple Line Icons 

jQuery Data Tables
jQuery Countdown
jQuery UI
jQuery Waypoints
jQuery Animate Number
Magnific PopUp
jQuery Collapse
Slick Carousel
Bootstrap Colorpicker
Froala Editor
Froala Editor Plugins
Knockout Wrapper for Froala
Office UI Fabric

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are all the plugins enabled by default? 

Answer: Yes, they are enabled as soon as you add ShortPoint to your site.

Question: Is there any way to disable any plugin?

Answer: No, they are part of core ShortPoint libraries, and it is not possible to disable any plugin.

Question: How are the licensed plugins handled? 

Answer: All licensed and free/open-source plugins are handled by ShortPoint internally.
There are no additional costs or attention requirement from customer on this end throughout the subscription. 

Question: Do you actively seek to replace plugins that are no longer supported with alternatives?

Answer: Yes, we make sure all the plugins used are active and supported by the plugin owner.
If they are outdated/deprecated, we replace them with alternatives.

Question: How often do you check if updates are available for the multiple plugins?

Answer: We check for updates during the development of every release and update them to the latest version (subject to compatibility with other plugins and the overall product).

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