Testing a new application or version upgrade in a controlled environment before implementing it in production is a common best practice.

Either as a new customer exploring what efficiencies ShortPoint can give you or as an existing customer looking at implementing the recently released upgrade, you are able to apply ShortPoint in a test environment or sandbox.


For Office 365 environment

Step 1: Create a new site collection (or use the test site collection you may already have).

Step 2: Configure an App Catalog for this Site Collection.

Note: If you want to learn more about the difference between the tenant app catalog and the site collection app catalog please visit this article.

Step 3: Download ShortPoint SPFx for Office 365.

Step 4: Enable Scripting Capabilities (Required Only If you want to use ShortPoint on Classic SharePoint pages)

Step 5: Upload ShortPoint to Site Collection App Catalog.

Step 6: Add ShortPoint SPFx to SharePoint Site.

Step 7: Run ShortPoint Installation from Dashboard.

For SharePoint 2019 environment

Step 1: Create a new web application (or use the test web application you may already have).

Note: Creating a sandbox in SharePoint 2019 requires creating a separate web application, as only in this case you will be able to configure a separate app catalog with an independent ShortPoint version in it.

Step 2: Setup an app catalog for the new web application

Then start with installation:

Step 1: Upload ShortPoint SPFx to Farm App Catalog

Step 2: Add ShortPoint SPFx to SharePoint Site

Step 3: Run ShortPoint Installation from Dashboard


You will have access to the full functionality of ShortPoint in your sandbox. Perform tests as you see fit to ensure all requirements for implementation in the production environment is met or satisfied.

Contact us at support@shortpoint.com if you encounter concerns with your installation or upgrade or if you have questions about our product.

We hope you enjoy your experience!