If you are using a ShortPoint On-Demand license in a SharePoint On-Premise environment (2013/2016) and you would like to move all your data to a new environment, either SharePoint Online (Office 365) or SharePoint 2019, certain changes will need to take place in terms of licensing. Please, send us a request to support@shortpoint.com, and per this request we will:

1) open a new trial license for your SharePoint Online / SharePoint 2019 environment. It will last for 15 days;

2) during these 15 days you will be able to use ShortPoint on both environments to transfer your data and fully prepare the new environment;

3) after the trial license expires, we will wait for a note from you that ShortPoint can be deactivated on the old environment and you are fully ready to move to the new one. At this point we will transfer your On-Demand license to your new environment.