This article is for:

  • You want to make your SharePoint 2016 support modern sites and the new SharePoint Framework
  • Install ShortPoint SPFx on SharePoint 2016 On-Premise
  • ShortPoint SPFx will enable you to use ShortPoint on both modern and classic SharePoint sites. 

SharePoint 2016 On-Premise Update is required

You need to have Feature Pack 2 - September 2018 public release installed in your SharePoint 2016 On-premise farm. 

How to check if your SharePoint 2016 is updated

How to check if you have September 2018 public release installed in SharePoint 2016 Farm:

Step 1: Go to Central Administration 

Open the SharePoint 2016 Central Administration 

From your SharePoint Server 2016 farm, open SharePoint 2016 Central Administration

Step 2: Go to Manage Patch Status

You should see here a patch called Security Update for Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Server 2016 (KB4092459) 64-Bit Edition

If your SharePoint 2016 is showing the older version, then you need to update.

Steps to Install September 2018 public release in SharePoint 2016 Farm

Step 1: go to update page

Go to SharePoint updates page

Step 2: Click on KB 4092459

Step 3: Download the update file

Scroll down and click on Download security update KB4092459 for the 64-bit version of SharePoint Enterprise Server 2016

Step 4: Install KB4092459 the Update

Accept terms

Let the update finish 

Reboot machine finally

You are done :)