You have installed ShortPoint for both Modern and Classic pages and would want to use ShortPoint Theme Builder for both experiences, please have a look at below recommendations.

Color Palette


Since the themes of SharePoint will be pushed from Modern Pages to Classic Pages automatically, you might see your Classic Theme Builder changes conflicting with the Modern Themes. Here are few best practices handling it:

Option 1: Use Color Palette only of your Modern ShortPoint Theme Builder

This is the safest option to avoid conflicts between color palette of Modern and Classic theme builders. 

ShortPoint internally is using SharePoint site themes and these changes would be pushed automatically to classic pages, so its good idea to follow this route to make any color palette changes in your Site.

Option 2: Make changes to classic color palette at the end of your Modern theme builder changes

You might want to change something on the site theme applied by Modern Theme Builder so it is always a good idea to use Classic Theme Builder Color Palette once you are done with your Modern Theme Builder changes.

We recommend using this flow:

Step 1: Install ShortPoint for Both Modern and Classic ShortPoint

Step 2: Open Modern Theme Builder and publish your changes

Step 3: Open Classic Theme Builder and publish your changes

Keeping both Classic and Modern design same

Ideally, you might want to keep both classic and modern theme builder settings same to maintain same user experience. To achieve same designs we recommend you to follow this steps:

Option 1: You already have ShortPoint classic theme published

Step 1: Export your Classic Theme settings

Step 2: Open Modern Theme Builder

Step 3: Import the exported classic theme to your Modern Theme (This will apply all the settings applicable in your Modern Theme Builder). The one which are not applicable will be ignored (For example General Layout settings in modern). 

Step 4: Make sure you select your primary Theme Color from color palette

Step 5: Publish your Modern theme!

Option 2: You are using ShortPoint Theme tool first time

Step 1: Open Modern Theme Builder

Step 2: Do your customization in Modern Theme

Step 4: Make sure you select your primary Theme Color from color palette

Step 5: Export the Modern Theme Settings

Step 6: Publish your Modern theme!

Step 7: Open Classic Theme Builder

Step 8: Import the exported modern theme to your classic theme

Step 9: You can do any classic related customization here

Step 10: Publish your classic theme!

Theme Builder Hub sites and Associated site collection

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