What is the Connect feature?

ShortPoint Connect is a feature that allows you to connect to any of your SharePoint lists or libraries. Also, with the help of REST API and RSS connection types, ShortPoint elements can be connected to external information sources. The Connect feature can also be used to pull a list of users from SharePoint Users and Groups, as well as to take advantage of the SharePoint People Search service.

How can I access the Connect feature?

After you have opened the Page Builder and chosen the element you would like to use, please switch to the Connect tab, and you will see all the controls:


Where can I find a beginner-level tutorial to see how to use the Connect feature?

Please click here for a tutorial.

There is no Connect tab in the Table element, what should I do?

The Connect functionality in the Table element is currently limited. Please find the Connect field and connect the Table to the source list/library from there. It will only allow you to choose from the assets of the site you are currently in (you will not be able to reach assets from other sites or site collections).

We plan to upgrade the Connect functionality for the Table element in one of our future releases.

I could not find a site I need in the list of sites available to connect to. What should I do?

The list of sites and site collections appearing in the drop-down depends on the SharePoint search API. There are certain cases when a particular site is not displayed in the list.

1. If you want to connect to a Modern site, please make sure that at least 24 hours have passed since the Modern Site was created. This time is required for SharePoint Search Service to crawl the data about the newly created Modern Site and make it available for you in the drop-down.

2. In all other cases, please submit a ticket and our technical experts will help you to retrieve data from that site in a remote support session.

I have chosen the required source in the Connect tab and updated the element, but nothing is displayed. Why?

To properly connect an element, you need to:

1. Choose the source of information in the Connect Tab; and

2. Map the fields in the Items tab.

I don't see an Items tab in my element. Where is it?

 In some elements, there is no Items tab; instead, items mapping is done in the Content tab. In Tiles element,mapping is done in the Tiles tab. You will be able to find the items mapping feature easily by looking for a chain icon:

For example, in Accordions:

In Panel:

In Tiles:

I clicked the Chain icon button to map a field, but the needed field is not in the drop-down list. What can I do?

The drop-down list fully depends on the columns available in the view of your source list/library. Therefore, if a particular column is hidden in a particular view of the list, and you connect a ShortPoint element to this view, this column will not be visible in the Items Mapping drop-down. Therefore, please check the SharePoint list/library view. Detailed instructions in this article.

More questions and answers are coming soon.

If you want to ask a question about the Connect Feature and it's not here yet, please ask it in this topic on our forum.

Thank you for your attention!