How do I open the ShortPoint Theme Builder?

In SharePoint Online, please navigate to Site Contents > ShortPoint > Site Customizations > Customize my Site.

In SharePoint On-Premise 2013/2016, go to Site Settings > ShortPoint Dashboard > Site Customizations > Customize my Site.

Do you have a general demo of Theme Builder?

Yes. Please check our getting-started instructions and a demo video on this page.

What is ShortPoint Branding and Customization tool?

This is the old name for ShortPoint Theme Builder.

Can I copy the customization from my other sites to a site I am currently creating?

Yes. Please use the Import/Export feature in the Theme Builder.

Import/Export feature is disabled for me, why?

Because you are using the trial license. Import/Export feature is available only with on-demand licenses.

I want to change my site logo, can I do that in Theme Builder?

No. You can do it in the SharePoint Site Settings, here is how.

I want to click on my logo and be redirected to another page. Is it possible?

Yes, please check our tutorial on linking the logo to a specific page.

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is one that changes dynamically to fit the screen in different devices, as well as in different-sized browser windows.

How can I make my site responsive?

Theme Builder > General Settings > General Layout > turn on Responsive Website. More details in this article.

While I'm customizing my site, what do other site visitors see?

The site remains the same for all other users until you click the Publish button. Your customizations in the Theme Builder do not affect other user's experience with the website in any way, until the changes are published. More details here.

Can another ShortPoint user customize our site with Theme Builder while I am doing it?

No. While one user is using Theme Builder, this feature will be blocked for other ShortPoint users. They will see a message notifying them that you are currently working on the site customization. More details here.

What happens if my work in Theme Builder is suddenly interrupted? Will I lose all of my customizations?

No. The customizations you have made will be saved locally on your browser. Even if you restart the computer in the middle of working with the Theme Builder, your progress will be saved, and you can return to where you started from in case you open the page in the same browser.  More details here.

Can I change the color of the Suite Bar with Theme Builder?

No. As an option, you can hide the Suite Bar and Ribbon in the Theme Builder through General Settings > Elements > (choose scope of sites/pages to be affected) > Hide Ribbon.

Why does it say that my site inherits the settings from parent?

If ShortPoint was installed on the entire site collection, the Theme Builder customizations will be inherited by the subsites from the top-level site. It means that all the Theme Builder settings made on the top-level site will be automatically applied to all subsites. To stop inheriting customizations, please press Stop inheriting settings.

What is the Move to Top Feature?

If this feature is on, the user will be able to quickly scroll up to the top of the page by pressing a small button on the bottom right of his screen. Three different styles are available. Choose yours from Theme Builder > General Settings > Move to Top.

What is a Preloader?

A preloader is a screen coming up while your page is being loaded. Usually this screen shows a spinning wheel and/or a company logo. You can set your preloader as explained in this tutorial.

I have created a preloader in Theme Builder and pressed Publish, but my preloader is not there. Why?

Because you need to make additional changes outside the preloader. Please follow all the steps provided in this article.

May I have a custom spinner/animated logo/gif image in the Preloader?

Yes, instructions here.

I don't see seattle.html file in the list of my master pages. Help!

Please check this article first. If you are sure that the file is not there, please activate the publishing feature on the Site Collection and Site level as explained in this article by Microsoft.

I've copied the page from your Demos Website, but the fonts and/or other details do not look exactly the same on my page. Why?

Because you have copied the Page Builder elements, but did not import Theme Builder customizations. Please open the Theme Builder to set up fonts, margins, create a header etc.

I want to create a multi-level navigation for my site (with drop-down lists showing sub-menus). How can I do it?

Please manage the navigation in SharePoint as explained here and customize it further in the Theme Builder, as, for example, we did it here.

I have imported the Theme Builder settings from my other site into my current site, but the colors remained the same. Is this a bug?

No, this is an expected behavior of the Import/Export utility. Please set up the colors in the Theme Builder manually. We plan to make the Import/Export utility transfer colors along with all other settings in the future.

I can set a Background in Theme Builder and use Background element in Page Builder, what is the difference?

In the Theme Builder, you can set the background for the whole site (as well as for this site's subsites, in case they inherit the settings from parent). 

In the Page Builder, using the Background element will change the background on one page only, for the whole page or specific element(s) located in that page, depending on the settings.

I opened the Color Palette settings but I'm not sure what is the primary color and all other colors. Please help!

Please read this article for general demonstration. More articles on the Color Palette are coming soon.

I want to make the Header of my site wider / more narrow. How can I do that?

Open the Theme Builder, go to Header > Paddings and Mardins > set the Header padding top and Header padding bottom to minimum.

More questions and answers are coming soon.

If you want to ask a question about Theme Builder and it's not here yet, please ask it in this topic on our forum.

Thank you for your attention and happy Theme Building :)