If you want to see only the upcoming events on your page and hide the outdated ones, we recommend you to prepare a separate view for your SharePoint Calendar first. 

To do this, please:

1. Open your SharePoint Calendar. In the Ribbon on the top you will see the Create View button (under the List tab). Please click it:

2. After clicking the button, you will be asked which view you would like to start from. We recommend to start with the All Events view:

3. In the next screen, you will see the settings of the view. Please scroll down to find the Filter category. Set the following parameters to show only the upcoming events and the recurrent events:

Choose "Show items only when the following is true". From the top drop-down list, choose "Start Time". From the next list, choose "is greater than or equal to". In the following field, please type [Today] manually. Please make sure to type the word in square brackets. Also, set up another filter, where the Recurrence parameter would be equal to "Yes". Afterwards, save the changes.

Modifying the views in SharePoint, just as described above, will allow you to control which items will appear on your page while building it with ShortPoint design elements.

To learn more about how ShortPoint elements can connect to the information stored in SharePoint Lists and Libraries, please check how it works on our official website

You can find a detailed tutorial here: ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial.