ShortPoint Add-In 4.3.3.x / ShortPoint SPFx and above has a new feature to enable site administrators to add ShortPoint into one site and install it globally with one click.

To enable site collection scope installation

  1. Make sure the user is Site Collection Administrator
  2. Add ShortPoint to the root site of the site collection
  3. Open ShortPoint dashboard
  4. Then open the Installation page
  5. Enable site collection scope installation button
  6. Click Install

This will install ShortPoint on all sites and subsites within the same site collection.


Question: I upgraded ShortPoint to the latest version, but I do not see the site collection scope installation button? "This will reinstall & upgrade ShortPoint on current site only."

You have to uninstall ShortPoint and then open the Reinstallation page again. Do not worry, you will not lose any of your existing work, but after you run the Uninstallation script, ShortPoint on all site pages will be hidden until you click ReInstallation and Upgrade again.

Question: I have ShortPoint added already to sites and subsites, what should I do?

If you have ShortPoint added to many sites in the same site collection, you have to do the following:

  1. Add and Install ShortPoint on root site collection with site collection scope installation enabled
  2. Run Uninstallation script on every subsite where you have ShortPoint installed
  3. Delete ShortPoint Add-In from every subsite

You do not need to add ShortPoint to any site other than root site