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ShortPoint Javascript & CSS Files Sizes

ShortPoint is a JavaScript product. Everything happens in the browser with no server-side programs. 

When you activate and install ShortPoint, it dynamically injects JavaScript and CSS files to the page header using Microsoft best practices. Our files are minified, optimized, obfuscated and compressed to the highest level.

The table below illustrates the sizes of ShortPoint files that need to be loaded on the first request . After the first call, ShortPoint files will be cached in the user browser and will be loaded from the local user browser and not from the server again.


ShortPoint JavaScript & CSS Files Sizes

First Request Only: All Files will be cached after the first request. For all requests after first one, these files will be loaded locally from user's browser and not from the server again. No files to be loaded after the first request.


SharePoint Online/

Office 365

SharePoint 2019

On Premise

SharePoint 2016

On Premise

SharePoint 2013

On Premise

ShortPoint Product

ShortPoint SPFxShortPoint SPFxShortPoint Farm SolutionShortPoint Farm Solution

ShortPoint CSS


ShortPoint JavaScript

Total SharePoint Page File Sizes

Empty SharePoint Wiki Page, without images and using Seattle master page


Percent of ShortPoint to all files


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