Before You Begin

Make sure that you have updated the App in the site first:

ShortPoint App Update in the Dashboard

Step 1:

Open ShortPoint Dashboard by clicking on ShortPoint App from Site Contents

Open Site Contents


In Classic Experience, click on ShortPoint

In Modern Experience, Click on ShortPoint


Step 2: 

Click Reinstallation & Upgrade

I do not see the button in red! I do not see New version.... message at the top!

  • This will happen if you did not update the app from site contents

Step 3: Click Reinstall

Wait. Do not close the window!

You are done :)

 What now?
  1. First, let's make sure that you have the latest version installed. (maybe you uploaded old file). Click here to confirm!
  2. If you have not done already, let's show you how to get started with ShortPoint. Click here!