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ShortPoint Add-in: The Installation Has Failed, Please Try Again!

The Issue

  1. You opened ShortPoint Dashboard
  2. Opened Installation
  3. Then pressed Install button
  4. Then the installation progress bar stopped, and an error message displayed: "The installation has failed, please try again!"

The Cause

  • In all cases we identified until now, it's all because the SharePoint scripting capabilities feature has not been enabled. 
  • Or you enabled it but still did not take effect.

First Check - Most Common

  1. Make sure that you enabled scripting capabilities. Prerequisite 1: Enabling scripting capabilities
  2. If yes, it takes about 24 hours for the change to take effect, this is the current process provided by Microsoft, and you can't even determine the status. If you do not to wait, then you will have to Enable Scripting Capabilities with PowerShell

If you are sure you did all of the above, proceed with the second check: 

Second Check - Modern Sites (Group Site) Compatibility

If your site home page looks like this:

Then this site is a modern site, and scripting capabilities are not enabled by default. You have to enable scripting capabilities using PowerShell

Enable Scripting Capabilities on modern sites, group and other sites

Scripting capabilities are not enabled with modern and group sites (and other sites) by default, and cannot be enabled using the admin portal for modern sites. You can not install ShortPoint Add-In on modern sites if scripting capabilities are not enabled. 

  • The only way to enable scripting capabilities on modern sites is using power shell. 
  • You need to have access to your SharePoint Admin Portal. The URL will look like this

All details can be found here

Technical Explanations

Look at the URL of the site you are trying to install ShortPoint on, which will look something like this:

For example

We need to confirm that there is a site under this URL in the site collection library:

In our example, the site collection should look like this:

Go to SharePoint admin center - Site Collections

>> shortcut:

Look for the site address in the URL list

In our example, I am looking for this URL (site collection)

If you can not find the site collection,

The scripting capabilities are not enabled on your site, and we have to enable it using PowerShell.

Solution 1: Install ShortPoint on any other site

You can still use ShortPoint on all other sites/subsites that are under any of the site collections you have created (Not on Group Site).

Solution 2: Enable Scripting Capabilities using PowerShell

The only way to enable scripting capabilities on modern sites is using power shell. Let's get started:

2.1 Download & Install Required Software

The following Softwares are is used to connect to your SharePoint Online via Powershell:

Download and Install SharePoint Online Management Shell

While installation, and if you get an error "This application requires the following to be installed: - PowerShell 3.0"

Then you have to Download and Install Windows Management Framework 5.0

2.2 Run PowerShell Script

Open SharePoint Online Management Shell

Type the following command to open connection: 


Hit Enter

Enter the Url for your SharePoint Admin Portal (not your site, not yet)


Replace with your domain

Hit Enter

Sign in

It will ask you for user name and password for the user who has permission to manage SharePoint from SharePoint Admin Center.

Type the following command that will enable scripting capabilities on your modern site:

Set-SPOsite -DenyAddAndCustomizePages 0

Replace with your domain

Replace with the path of your modern site

Hit Enter

That's it. You can now install ShortPoint on Modern Sites

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