ShortPoint Add-In should be uploaded to your App Catalog and then added to your SharePoint sites. Follow this article in order to add ShortPoint Add-In.

Before You Begin

You should as an admin enable the custom scripts on your sites and also create App Catalog in order to add ShortPoint Add-In

Step 1: 

Login to your Office 365 admin center page with administrator account, then choose Admin


Step 2: 

Go to SharePoint Admin Center

Or in the new admin center

Step 3: 

Select Apps then Click on App Catalog

Step 4: 

Open Apps for SharePoint

Step 5: 

Upload ShortPoint Add-In (

Extract the zip file you downloaded you received from, and you will find

Note: if you requested to download the Offline Add-In, the file name will be

Important: You should have one ShortPoint file uploaded to the app catalog at all times

Known issue and the fix: I cannot upload ShortPoint App to SharePoint App Catalog


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