The Issue

  1. You opened ShortPoint Dashboard
  2. Opened Installation
  3. Then pressed Install button
  4. Then the installation progress bar stopped, and an error message displayed: "The installation has failed, please try again!"

The Cause

  • In all cases we identified until now, it's all because the SharePoint scripting capabilities feature is not enabled yet. 
  • Or you enabled it but still did not take effect.

First Check - Most Common

  1. Make sure that you enabled scripting capabilities. Prerequisite 1: Enabling scripting capabilities
  2. If yes, it takes about 24 hours for the change to take effect, this is the current process provided by Microsoft, and you can't even determine the status.

Second Check - Modern Sites Compatibility

If you site homepage look like this:

Then we need to make sure that this site supports ShortPoint, and we can enable scripting capabilities on it. 

We have an easy check for that!

Look at the URL of the site you are trying to install ShortPoint on, which will look something like this:

For example

We need to confirm that there is a site under this URL in the site collection library:

In our example, the site collection should look like this:

Go to SharePoint admin center - Site Collections

>> shortcut:

Look for the site address in the URL list

In our example, I am looking for this URL (site collection)

If you can not find it.

Then this is why you can not install ShortPoint. The new site is created on new modern sites collection which you can not enable scripting capabilities on. Modern team sites created from SharePoint sites home, sometimes do not support ShortPoint. Because you can not enable scripting capabilities on them.

The Solutions

  1. Create new site on one of the existing site collections you have and then install ShortPoint Add-In
  2. Create new site collection and then install ShortPoint Add-In
  3. Add ShortPoint on any of the existing site collections

Comming Soon

ShortPoint for Modern Sites and Pages is coming soon. You will be able to use ShortPoint on modern sites without enabling scripting capabilities. Our team is working on ShortPoint powered by the new SharePoint Framework.